Enjoy our temporary rental stays in Alicante

Enjoy our temporary rental stays in Alicante

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Alicante co-officially in Valencian: Alacant, is a city and municipality of Spain, capital of the homonymous province, in the Valencian Community. Port city, is located on the Mediterranean coast. With 349,282 inhabitants is the second most populous municipality of the autonomous community and the tenth in the country.

Its most important festivities are the Bonfires of San Juan, which are held from June 19 to 24 and are declared of International Tourist Interest. The most important museums are the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, the Museum of Contemporary Art or The Ocean Race Museum.

The first toponym known, in relation to Alicante, is the Greek Akra Leuké Ἂκρα Λευκῆ, Akra Leukḗ or Λευκῆ Ἂκρα, Leukḗ Akra, ‘White Promontory’, referring to an earlier Carthaginian factory or settlement, whose Punic name is unknown. The official toponym is currently Alicante for the Spanish form and Alacant for the Valencian form.

According to the Köppen climate classification, Alicante’s climate is warm semi-arid and within this is the dry Mediterranean variety, which occurs in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. With very mild temperatures in the winter and warm in the summer, rainfall concentrated mainly in the autumn from September to November and with a markedly dry summer.

The city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, on a plain surrounded by a series of hills and elevations. Mount Benacantil, 169 m high, on which sits the castle of Santa Barbara, dominates the urban facade and is the most characteristic image of the city.

The coat of arms of the city of Alicante is one of its representative symbols. It was approved by Order of March 29, 1941 by the Ministry of the Interior, with the previous favorable report of the Royal Academy of History.

It appears described in various treatises on heraldry in different ways, also associated in some periods, with the arms of the province. Thus, Francisco Piferrer in his Nobiliario de los reinos y señoríos de España20 describes it as a castle on a rock bathed by the waves of the sea, and in the chief, the four bars of Aragón. More recently, Vicente de Cadenas, chronicler of the arms of Spain who died in 2005, describes it as including the order of the Golden Fleece and stamped, as corresponds to the tradition of the provincial capitals, with a closed royal crown.

Although soccer is the predominant sport, the city’s greatest sporting successes come from other sports or athletes. Thus, national and international successes have been obtained in sports such as handball or basketball; however, better results have been achieved in individual sports.

It is a friendly, cosmopolitan city, with good weather to walk through the streets and feel the warmth of the people.

The typical food of Alicante has its fundamental pillar in the Mediterranean. Sea from which its best delicacies are extracted. But the basic element of this type of cuisine, as it happens in all the Spanish Levante, is rice.

Some restaurants where you can taste the delights of Alicante are: L’Atelier Restaurant known for its daily menus focused on seafood in a contemporary dining room with exposed stone and jazz music. Or if you prefer a sophisticated and minimalist atmosphere you can visit the Monastrell, which offers haute cuisine with wine pairings.

Here we will tell you the most famous dishes of Alicante: Arroz a banda, Arroz con costra, Paella alicantina, Mistela, Turrón de Alicante, Olleta alicantina,

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