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Discover A Coruña, the port city full of history, while staying in our apartments.

The people of A Coruña have a reputation for living well, so follow their customs. Sit on a terrace in the Plaza de María Pita and discover its exciting history. Or stroll through the Cantones and admire its famous modernist glass galleries.

In A Coruña, they are very prone to celebrations, and in this Galician city there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate any event. Whatever it is as long as you come to visit.

With its abundant cuisine and fresh seafood, it is difficult to find anything similar anywhere else.

The previous names of A Coruña were Brigantium and Faro, in that order, its two previous names. The word Crunia, as the name of the town, appears for the first time in 1208. It was King Alfonso IX who baptized it this way when he granted it the royal forums.

In terms of tourism, the city of La Coruña has three major landmarks that make it known worldwide: the Tower of Hercules, the oldest working lighthouse in the world and a World Heritage Site since 2009, and the galleries of La Coruña, the most important of its kind in the world.

The galleries of La Coruña, which give the city the nickname of “City of Glass”, being the galleries of the Avenida de la Marina the largest glass complex in the world.

The promenade of La Coruña, is the longest promenade in Europe that makes La Coruña is also called (Balcony of the Atlantic).

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