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Come and visit Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and of the autonomous community of the Spanish Balearic archipelago, made up of five islands and numerous islets. The population of the city is 416,065 inhabitants.

The Köppen climate classification determines that Palma has a cold and semi-arid climate, but this should not prevent discovering the secrets of this city.

As for its origin, it is a Romanesque city, founded in 123 BC, by the Roman general Quintus Cecilius Metellus. Later, in the year 902, the Balearic Islands were incorporated into the Umayyad emirate of Córdoba, and thus the capital was renamed Medina Mayurqa. In 1229, King Jaime I of Aragon and his soldiers conquered Mallorca, retaking the capital its original name, Palma.

Palma hides hundreds of years of history among its streets, such as the Santa Eulalia church or the Plaza Mayor, located in the old town, both close to each other and easily accessible from our apartments.

If we continue towards the sea, we will find the Museum of Mallorca and the Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca dating from the 11th century. A few streets from there, to the west of the city, are the Gothic-style Cathedral-Basilica of Santa María de Mallorca, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, the Lonja de Mallorca and Es Baluard, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

To end the tourist tour of the city, although farther from the center, Bellver Castle is located in the middle of the forest that receives its same name.

But without a doubt, a place that cannot be missed when visiting this city is the Orxatería y Heladería Ca’n Joan De S’aigo, a friendly three-hundred-year-old establishment located near the Plaza Mayor, where you can taste one of the most representative sweets from the island, the ensaimada.

This Mediterranean city is perfect to visit and fall in love with all the historical secrets that are hidden in it or its wonderful beaches, you cannot miss it

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