Temporary rental in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most loved places by tourists and companies. We offer a wide range of apartments for temporary rental companies.

Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. It has a population of 1,645,000 inhabitants, it is therefore the second city in population behind Madrid and the eleventh of the European Union. In the metropolitan area it has 5,029,000 inhabitants, thus being the sixth city by population in Europe.


The first traces of population date back to the Neolithic (5500 BC), however the first settlers do not appear until the 7th centuries BC. that were Layetanos, an Ibero people.

According to legend, the city was founded by Amílcar Barca, father of Anibal in 230 BC. hence the name of Barcelona derives from the Barca Carthaginian lineage. In the first century it was walled by order of the Roman emperor Claudius and already in the second century it had a population of about 6000 inhabitants.

In the 8th century it was conquered by Al-Hurr but later it was returned to the Christian territory by Ludovico Pío incorporating it into the Hispanic brand. The city stood out as a commercial center but always below Genova and Venice that dominated the trade between Europe and Asia.

Barcelona demolished the internal walls in 1897 and six bordering municipalities were annexed, which allowed it to grow and plan its urban development by the innovative plan of widening of Idelfonso Cerdá who traced the streets in quadricles and corners in chamfer.

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