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Malaga receives the same name from the province of which it is the capital, one of the most visited cities in Andalusia, with 569,005 inhabitants.

Climatically the city is classified as warm with an average annual temperature of 18 ° C, which is very pleasant to visit the city.

The origin of Malaga is Phoenician, but it was occupied by Romans, Muslims and Christians, which is reflected in its architecture. The culture that had the most influence on the city were the Muslim and Christian cultures, since they created numerous religious buildings such as the Alcazaba, or later fostered industry in the city.

Malaga is known among tourists by the name of Costa del Sol, because thanks to its geographical location it has many hours of sunshine a day, which can be used to visit its beaches or sightsee around the city.

In the heart of the town are the Glass and Crystal Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Plaza de San Ignacio, the Arab Baths, the Piccaso Museum, the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the Alcazaba and the Town Hall.

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