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Granada is a city in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain, on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Granada is also known worldwide for the Alhambra and the Albaicin neighborhood, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Granada has a Renaissance cathedral whose construction began in the sixteenth century. In addition to La Cartuja, it was home to a community of Carthusian monks since its foundation in the 16th century.

The Alhambra is a monumental complex on an Andalusian palace city located in Granada, Spain. It consists of a complex of ancient palaces, gardens and fortresses initially conceived to house the emir and the court of the Nasrid kingdom.

Explore the incredible gastronomy of Granada, known for its variety of dishes. In our service, we will guide you through a selection of culinary options unique to the region.

Some of these dishes are: Broad beans with ham and fried egg, Migas de pan or semolina, Olla de San Antón, Choto al ajillo among others.

Now a little bit of history, the origin of Granada goes back to the Iberian tribe of the Turdulos, one of the most civilized of the first settlers of the Iberian Peninsula. This tribe founded it under the name of Ihverir, later called Iliberis by the Romans.

Iliberis shared a settlement with Granata, which was more of a slum than an autonomous town.

Finally, in 1238, the troops of Muhammad Ibn al Ahmar conquered the city and the history of Granada entered its Nasrid stage.

The new Nasrid kingdom (1238-1492) extended over Granada, Almeria, Malaga and Cadiz. Thanks to the payment of tribute and its strategic geographical location, protected by the Sierra Nevada and connected by sea with the Maghreb, the kingdom of Granada managed to maintain a certain peace with the Christian kingdoms of the peninsula.

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