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Zaragoza is a city and a municipality in Spain, capital of the homonymous province and the autonomous community of Aragon. Belonging to the Central Region, it has a special legal regime as the capital of Aragon. It is the fifth most populated municipality in Spain according to the official population figures of the INE, which give it 682,513 inhabitants.

It is located on the banks of the rivers Ebro, Huerva and Gállego and the Canal Imperial de Aragón, in the central part of the Ebro valley.

We will recommend some of the tourist sites of Zaragoza as the Cathedral-Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Another emblematic site of Zaragoza is the Aljaferia Palace, a medieval fortified palace built during the second half of the 11th century in the Taifa of Zaragoza in Al-Andalus, present-day Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain.

You can also stroll through the largest park in Zaragoza inaugurated in 1929, the José Antonio Labordeta Large Park. And you can take a stroll through Zaragoza and see the Stone Bridge and the San Lazaro parapet, a monumental ensemble built over the Ebro River in the city of Zaragoza.

The city of Zaragoza has more than 2000 years of history. The oldest documented population dates back to the 7th century B.C., in the remains of settlements from the end of the Bronze Age. The first news of an urban settlement dates from the second half of the third century B.C. and tells of an Iberian city called Salduie, which is identified by the name of Salduvia in a text by Pliny the Elder.

Another bronze, also written in Latin and dated in the ides of May of the year 87 B.C., known initially as Tabula Contrebiensis, and also as Botorrita, for having been found in Botorrita, alludes to the construction of an irrigation channel by the Salduvienses, a channel whose layout would not differ much from the layout of the Almozara irrigation channel, still in service.

In 452 it was conquered by the Suevi and in 466 by the Visigoths, who incorporated it into the kingdom of Toulouse. In 541 it was besieged by the Franks, although the city did not fall into their power.

In the 7th century its episcopal see knew a period of splendor with the figures of the bishops Braulio of Zaragoza and Tajón. In 714 it was occupied by the Saracen Musa ibn Nusair and became an important Muslim center called Medina al-Baida Saraqusta.

Barcelona demolished its internal walls in 1897 and annexed six neighboring municipalities, which allowed it to grow and plan its urban development with the innovative widening plan of Idelfonso Cerdá, who laid out the streets in quads and the corners in chamfers.

According to Köppen’s climatic classification, Zaragoza has a cold semi-arid climate, typical of the Ebro depression.

Humble gastronomy, close to the land and the local produce. There are not many more secrets in the list of essential dishes of the typical cuisine of Zaragoza, which shares many ingredients and elaborations with the rest of Aragon. So we will show you some of these dishes: Madejas, Fritada aragonesa, Bacalao ajoarriero, Migas, Cardo in almond sauce, Borraja con patatas, Magras con tomate, Arroz con borrajas y almejas, Huevos al salmorrejo and Garbanzos con con congrio (chickpeas with conger eel).

You can’t leave without seeing our recommendations of the restaurants you should visit during your stay in Zaragoza. One of these restaurants is La Senda Restaurant, an elegant and cozy restaurant that offers a solid wine list and a tasting menu of creative dishes. Or if you prefer something more sophisticated you can go to Palomeque Restaurant.

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