Central Madrid markets

Central Madrid markets

Today I will accompany you on a history journey such as markets, they say that the origin of the markets is in the exchange of goods and in the need of each individual to exchange their goods, in Madrid people come together in the same place but from very different origins of Spain and the World, that’s why you can find almost all the flavors of the world, and to be able to interact with life while enjoying our magnificent apartments for companies.

Before our tour I want to make you participate that Madrid is called the port of Spain this not only refers to fishing but also to meat, since you will enjoy the variety, quality and quantity that you will find in the market stalls Municipalities of Madrid.

We will do this tour walking through the central district of Madrid here are the neighborhoods of Chueca, Lavapiés, La Latina, Malasaña, Maravillas, Asturias (Madrid de los Asturias) and Alonso Martínez, where we begin by finding the Municipal Market of Antón Martín, located in Santa Isabel Street, 5, here you can taste from sushi to Galician octopus, in it the stalls of a lifetime are mixed with a tapas that will surprise you.

We continue walking and we are in the Architect Architect Gardens to find the Barceló Municipal Market, a typical market where you will find about 70 stalls, where you will give life to the kitchen that you want to create that day. On Calle Embajadores 41, there is the San Fernando Market, this market is located in one of the most characteristic urban spaces of Madrid, a traditional offer of fresh and typical food of the Municipal markets with a complete commercial mix where you have fashion stores and a charming bookshop, inside it also houses a health center and on the first floor a modern restaurant of new opening where to regain strength. The La Cebada market is located in the square that gave it its name, this market underwent several transformations until reaching today, the passage from El Hierro to Hormigón, has 4 plants and some 8,500 meters dedicated to trade and art, since it they celebrate events together with the city council of Madrid. We continue walking through the downtown district and we reach Augusto Figueroa Street, where we find the San Antón Market, this market became so popular in the 19th century that it was cited by Galdós, in this market all the stalls offer their customers service to address, proof of quality and care you find in each establishment, where you can choose fresh products or prepared dishes.

All markets keep more or less the same schedule from 9 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm, on Saturdays they only open from 9 am to 2 pm. We can not forget the wonderful San Miguel Market, located in the Plaza de San Miguel s / n in a historic and monumental place, it is the only market in Hierro that has come to this day, in which you can find the best and most varied tapas , without leaving aside the traditional market.